biological father

  • Triggs & Triggs 2015 FamCA 538

    by - Oct 23, 2015
    The biological father of a child aged 15 years had undergone hormone therapy to re-assign his gender to female (gender change).  The father applied to spend time with the child although the child was found to be completely...
  • Sharp & Underwood 2014 FamCA 301

    by - Oct 24, 2015
    The applicant was not the biological parent of one of the children (non-parent) aged 9 and 7 years.  The applicant sought continuation of the existing parenting regime so that both children would continue to live primarily with...
  • Kelly & Landridge 2012 FMCAfam 374

    by - Aug 7, 2015
    The mother of two children aged 6 and 2 years passed away following a car accident.  While both children had lived with the husband for several years he was the biological parent of only the younger child. ...