Family Law Act

  • Prantage & Prantage 2015 FamCAFC 145

    by - Aug 7, 2015
    The appeal court ruled that a Court operating under the Family Law Act is restricted in making parenting orders for children who are in care of a guardian under a child welfare act.  ...Read More
  • Danes & Danes and Anor 2013 FMCAfam 281

    by - Aug 7, 2015
    A maternal grandmother applied that children aged 3 and 5 years live with her and that she share in parental responsibility along with the parents (grandparent).  The grandmother had been significantly involved with both children since...
  • Rennie & Driscoll 2015 FamCA 467

    by - Jul 24, 2015
    Section 4AA of the Family Law Act indicates that a pair have a de facto relationship as a couple if they live together on a genuine domestic basis.  Topics to be considered by a Court include:...
  • Winters & Winters 2015 FamCA 195

    by - Jun 17, 2015
    A judge had ordered that children spend time with both separated parents, and that the mother have sole parental responsibility, with the father having contact supervised by an agency.  Supervised contact was ordered as the father...
  • Crawford & Sisinis and Anor 2014 FamCA 912

    by - May 1, 2015
    Parents of a child aged 12 years referred the child to an assessing psychologist following their separation as the child was not coping with the separation.  The psychologist asked the parents to sign a form agreeing that...
  • Jacks and Samson 2008 FamCAFC 173

    by - Mar 4, 2015
    The case involved a dispute between parents and maternal grandparents of children aged 9 and 7 years.  Contact between the children and grandparents ended following a dispute.  Five years later the grandparents applied to spend time...
  • Unitingcare Unifam Counselling and mediation & Harkiss and Anor 2011 FamCAFC 159

    by - Mar 3, 2015
    Two parents attended a family counselling session at an agency and later consented to documents about the session being disclosed to court and to the parties.  However the agency declined to provide the documents on the...