• Parenting Styles in a Family Law Context

    by - Jun 15, 2015
    This article first describes traditional concepts about parenting styles, and then reports a study of parenting styles that are seen in a family law context. TRADITIONAL CONCEPTS OF PARENTING STYLE Researchers distinguish different broad approaches for...
  • Cameron & Brown 2008 FamCA 773

    by - Mar 17, 2015
    The judge found that a father’s inspections and monitoring of the child and demands for an explanation for every mark or scrape are not only inappropriate but also obsessive and amounted to emotional abuse (personality rigid, parenting style rigid).  ...Read More
  • Bolton & Whittaker & Anor 2010 FamCA 286

    by - Mar 4, 2015
    The case involved a 6 year old boy whose parents had separated when he was aged 17 months, who then lived with his mother.   The mother re-partnered when the boy was 2 years old.  The mother...
  • Carnegie & Ginter 2013 FamCA 331

    by - Mar 4, 2015
    The parents of a 6 year old girl had a shared care arrangement when the mother alleged that the child had been subject to sexual abuse by the father and paternal grandmother.  The mother applied for...
  • Baghti & Baghti 2012. FamCA 711

    by - Mar 4, 2015
    A couple had a son aged 9 years at the time of judgement.  The couple had lived separately under the same roof for a period.   The father ceased being the earner for the household following a...
  • Ndiaye & Gueye 2014. FCCA 45

    by - Mar 4, 2015
    Both parents in a high conflict couple were prohibited from taking photographs of their son aged 12 years if the sole purpose of the photograph was to support a complaint about the parenting provided by the...
  • Farmer & Rogers 2010 FamCAFC 253

    by - Mar 4, 2015
    The case involved an appeal against the procedure followed by a judge. The couple had a daughter who was aged about one year when the case was heard, who lived with the mother.   The couple had...
  • Langmeil & Grange 2011. FamCt 605

    by - Mar 3, 2015
    A couple had three children aged 7, 6 and 5 years at the time of the rulings.  The parents separated after 5 years of being together, and had been in dispute for at least 3 years. ...