prolonged litigation

  • Cannon & Acres 2014 FamCA 104

    by - Mar 4, 2015
    Parents of a child aged 12 years had engaged in dispute about access for 7 years.  The child then expressed a strong view to several professionals that she no longer wanted contact with her father (child’s wishes)....
  • Parkin & Sykes 2013 FamCAFC 87

    by - Mar 3, 2015
    A father appealed an order that an 11 year old boy live with the mother and spend time with the father.  The judge found that the parents were unable to cooperate and that ongoing litigation had...
  • Edwards & Simpson 2013 FCCA 14

    by - Mar 3, 2015
    A child had lived with her father for five years and spent time with the mother following issue of final orders.  Evidence was given in the trial that the mother had been diagnosed with schizophrenia with symptoms...
  • Thompson & Hawkes 2014 FCCA 390

    by - Mar 3, 2015
    A father asked to review orders for his 3 year old daughter 15 months after orders were issued.  The father claimed changed circumstances saying that he had formed a new relationship (re-partnered), his daughter was of...
  • Rice & Asplund 1979 FLC

    by - Mar 3, 2015
    The Appeal Court ruled that it should not lightly entertain an application to reverse an earlier custody order (change final order). To do so would invite endless litigation for change is an ever present factor in...