protective behaviours

  • Everett and Ors & Upton 2015 FamCA 704

    by - Oct 23, 2015
    The judge found that there was an unacceptable risk to children aged 15, 12 and 9 years due to a range of factors.  The father had been convicted of aggravated indecent assault of a child of the...
  • Benton & Benton 2014 FamCA 251

    by - Oct 24, 2015
    A mother held a genuine strong belief that the father had sexually abused his stepdaughter (the mother’s daughter) when aged 13 years, but the father had been found not guilty in criminal proceedings.   The father had two children aged 7 and...
  • Davidson & Davidson 2010 FamCA 5

    by - Mar 4, 2015
    The couple had twins aged 6 years at the time of the hearings.  The couple separated when the twins were 7 months old, and the twins lived with the mother and spent time with the father. ...