psychological abuse

  • Wilson & Wilson 2015 FamCA 490

    by - Jul 24, 2015
    A mother was ordered to have supervised access with her child aged 13 years but she found it too difficult to meet conditions set by a contact centre.  The mother had alleged sexual abuse of the...
  • Stone & Stone and ANOR 2015 FamCA 14

    by - Mar 19, 2015
    Children aged 8 and 6 years lived with their mother after separation.  The mother and maternal grandparents refused to allow the children to spend time with their father despite orders to permit this.  The mother put...
  • Krach & Krach 2009 FamCA 507

    by - Mar 4, 2015
    Both parents made reciprocal allegations (mutual accusations) that the other had abused their children aged 8 and 9 years.  The mother alleged that the father sexually abused the children by actions outlined below.  The father alleged...