restrained from being present

  • Galloway & Duke 2014 FamCA 569

    by - Jun 12, 2015
    The child aged 7 years had been in the primary care of the mother until the child disclosed incidents of family violence that had been perpetrated by the mother’s partner in a new relationship.  The child...
  • Massey & Cooper 2014 FamCA 574

    by - May 22, 2015
    The case involved a child aged 13 years who was diagnosed with ADHD and who took Ritalin.  The child had been on a week-about shared care arrangement with both parents.  Both parents had re-partnered.  The mother...
  • Gardiner & Rivers 2014 FCCA 76

    by - Mar 4, 2015
    A judge ordered that two children aged 3 and 6 years live with their mother and spend daytime periods with their father who had re-partnered.  The judge ordered that the father’s de facto spouse be restrained...