separation anxiety

  • Beman & Sassi 2014 FamCA 186

    by - Oct 24, 2015
    The case involved children who were at different developmental stages, being aged nearly 4 years and 9 years.  Little difference was found in the parenting capacity of each of the parents. The family consultant opined that the fact that one...
  • Farmer & Rogers 2010 FamCAFC 253

    by - Mar 4, 2015
    The case involved an appeal against the procedure followed by a judge. The couple had a daughter who was aged about one year when the case was heard, who lived with the mother.   The couple had...
  • Parkin & Sykes 2013 FamCAFC 87

    by - Mar 3, 2015
    A father appealed an order that an 11 year old boy live with the mother and spend time with the father.  The judge found that the parents were unable to cooperate and that ongoing litigation had...