Langmeil & Grange 2015 FamCA 225

The mother applied to commence further proceedings, but had been restrained from filing further applications to reverse orders except with leave of a judge.  The mother’s affidavit alleged child abuse by the father and domestic violence with a focus on past history, and made a fresh allegation of risk to children.  The affidavit referred to a child making a threat of self harm.

The judge found that the mother had raised her allegations with the child protection department, with police and with some politicians.  The departments had considered that no new allegations were raised that warranted further investigation and declined to re-open investigations (changed circumstances).

The mother made remarks abusive about the judge in session.

The judge found that the application for review to change orders had little chance of success, that it was not in the best interests of the child to commence fresh litigation, and dismissed the application.