M&H 2008 FCWA 16

A family consultant reported that a vicious circle of hostility had been set up for a child as both the mother was unaware that her emotional sensitivity and hostility impacted on handovers, and the father did not show empathy about the impact either of his forming a new relationship or of his showing overt frustration when handovers did not proceed smoothly (re-partnered).  The mother’s hostility towards the father led her to be suspicious about the father’s motives (personality suspicious).  Their parenting styles differed and impacted on the child.

The mother was assessed as showing emotional neediness, vulnerability and sensitivity that impacted on her parenting (personality emotionally volatile).  Her strong feelings towards the father over-shadowed her ability to recognise that the child needed to see the father, and she had difficulty separating from the child to allow the child to have a relationship with the father and his family (differentiate own/others emotions).  While showing empathy to the child, the mother had a parenting style that was over-protective and indulgent towards the child (parenting style protective).

Extracurricula Activities

The parents disputed access times and extracurricula activities the child should attend.

The judge ruled that it was in the best interests of the child to have equal shared care with the child spending week-about with each parent.

The judge issued a specific order that each parent nominate one extracurricula activity per week and one weekend activity, and that the other parent ensure the child attended these activities regularly.