Marcic & Tait. 2012. FMCAFam 191.

A couple had lived together for 13 years before separating and had 2 children aged 12 and 9 years.  They had been litigating for 4 years and disputed a range of topics including which school one child should attend (high conflict couple).

The father spoke of the mother as being ‘psycho.’  The mother viewed the father as often being angry and controlling, and considered that the children were distressed due to the actions of the father (personality domineering).

A family violence order AVO had been taken out concerning the father.  Both parents asked for sole parental responsibility.

The mother had taken one child to a therapist without the knowledge or consent of the father (major long term issues).

The father alleged that the mother tried to get the children to accept her views about situations, or to promote alignment.  The father was concerned that the older daughter was being asked to take responsibility for maintaining the mother’s emotional wellbeing (parentification).