• Sharp & Underwood 2014 FamCA 301

    by - Oct 24, 2015
    The applicant was not the biological parent of one of the children (non-parent) aged 9 and 7 years.  The applicant sought continuation of the existing parenting regime so that both children would continue to live primarily with...
  • Mulvany & Lane 2009 FamCAFC 76

    by - Aug 7, 2015
    A presumed father was found by DNA not to be the biological parent of a child aged 5 years shortly before a trial.  The judge permitted the presumed father to continue his application as a person...
  • McDonald & Lee 2008 FMCAfam 473

    by - Aug 7, 2015
    An applicant father discovered shortly before the hearing that he was not, in fact, a biological parent of a child who was the subject of a dispute, but he nonetheless pressed his application. The trial judge concluded...
  • Simpson & Brookman 2010 FamCAFC 37

    by - Aug 7, 2015
    Two women had lived in an intimate relationship for 9 years and two children were born during this time using IVF, with each woman being the biological parent of one child (same sex relationship).  One woman then...
  • Olgun & Neilson and Anor 2014 FamCA 25

    by - Aug 7, 2015
    The case involved a non-parent who applied for care of four children aged 1 to 6 years as the children had lived with her for 6-9 months.  The applicant was a friend of the mother.  Both parents reclaimed...