reunification plan

  • Edgar & Inglis and ANOR 2015 FamCA 228

    by - Aug 3, 2015
    The child was aged 6 years at the time of the hearing, and had been previously cared for by the mother, father and paternal grandmother.  The mother was aged 16 years when the child was born,...
  • KB, DOHS and CR & KR 2008 VChC 5

    by - Apr 1, 2015
    A single mother of infant twins aged about 4 months observed lesions on the faces of the twins and she took the children to a doctor.  The lesions did not heal while the children were in...
  • Thomas and ANOR & Franklin and ANOR 2014 FamCA 1037

    by - Apr 15, 2015
    There was dispute about the admissibility of a family report prepared by an expert when interim parenting orders were requested.  An ICL can tender a report from one expert assessor without a Court’s permission, whereas parties...
  • DOHS v Mr D & Ms B 2008, VChC 2

    by - Mar 4, 2015
    The case involved parents who lived together with four children: MD aged 6.5 years, AD aged 4 years, ND aged 2.25 years and SD aged 4 months.   All four children had been removed from the parents’...
  • Klein & Farr 2011. FMCAfam 1361

    by - Mar 4, 2015
    A couple lived together for about 2 years and had a child aged 7 years at the time of the hearing. The child had been in the custody of the mother until she had a detained...
  • DOHS v Ms B & Mr G 2008 VChC 1

    by - Mar 2, 2015
    A couple had 4 children, KB aged 7 years, TG aged 3 years and twins WB and JB aged 9 months.  The mother had two older children who were on child protection orders and who lived...